How To Upgrade Firmware On An Axis Camera

Occasionally an updated firmware will be released by Axis for cameras already running AVHS firmware or you purchased an Axis camera with an older firmware that is not compatible with SharpvueCam's service. Here are the steps to obtaining the firmware from the Axis Communications website and loading the firmware on your camera.

1. Visit
2. Locate the proper camera and download the firmware if it's above 5.0. * Remember we only support Axis Cameras with 5.0 and up for AVHS/One click.
3. Download the correct firmware for your camera to your local computer
4. Log into the root account on your camera -
See KB Article - how to access root camera account from a local network if your camera is already attached to a SharpvueCam account
5. Click on System Options -> maintenance
6. Click the browse button in the "Upgrade Firmware" section and locate the correct firmware for your camera (this process can take several minutes)
7. When Upgrade is complete, check to verify the camera is connected to your portal.  *A hard reset might be required.  You can accomplish this by disconnecting both power and network connections, hold the control button down and apply power. After 20 seconds or so release the control button.  If your camera requires a hard reset, you will need to make sure you turn AVHS back to always or hold the one-click button to register it. 


*Manually turn AVHS to Always - Click Here
*One-click AVHS - Click Here


If procedure is successful the camera should be in a factory default state with no root password configured.

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