How To Access Root Camera Account From A Local Network - Axis

There are several reasons a user might want to directly access the camera including auto focus on specific camera models, firmware upgrades or simply to focus the camera during installation. To access the root account on an AXIS AVHS camera you must be on the same local network as the camera.

Please note that modifications to settings such as motion detection WILL directly impact functionality with the SharpvueCam Service. This area should only be accessed by experienced users.

Manual method (applies to all versions):

  1. Obtain your username/password it was changed to.  *Default is root/pass
  2. Run the Axis IP Utility to determine local IP address. (This can be downloaded from or found on the installation CD packaged with the camera)
  3. Open a web browser and proceed to - http://your camera ip/operator/basic.shtml
  4. Log into the camera using the user name "root" and the password 
  5. You should now be logged into the root account of the camera
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