Add Guest Users - Role Access

Role Access / Add Users provides you as the admin the ability to add guest accounts to your account with limited access.  As a guest users, you only have the ability to the following:

  • View Cameras assigned to them 
  • View Recordings for those cameras
  • Change login credentials
  • Assign email notifications

They are not allowed to:

  • Delete or Edit cameras or camera settings
  • Edit any account information 
  • Add users
  • Schedule recording times

1. Login to 

2. Click on the menu button at the top right corner, then hit settings.

3. Click on Add User 

4. Fill in Email, Full Name, and then select the label(s) you would like this user to view.

That's it! 

*The User will receive an email requesting to setup their password for the account and the username will be the email address you inputed at the add user screen. 

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