Filter by Label - Create Labels

The Filter By Label feature provides a functional way to group and sort cameras. It's particularly useful when you have a large number of cameras across multiple locations and you want to keep them organized. You can also restrict access to cameras based on labels. See our Multiple User / Add User feature for more information.

1. Create a Label 


Click on the "Filter and Label" tab, then select "Create and Manage". 

For this example, I'll call one Label Home, and the other Label "Office".

2. Assign a Camera to a Label 

Let's assign some cameras to each label. You can also assign the same camera to multiple labels if you'd like. 

Click on "Close", then click on the "Filter by Label" button again to select a Label.

There will be a checkmark on the Label that you have selected. Now your camera list should be filtered.

If you'd like to remove the filter, click again on the same label to uncheck it.

That's it! 

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