Not Getting Motion Alerts?

There could be a couple of reasons to why you're not getting email or push notification alerts on mobile.

1) Notifications for motion alerts are turned off

Click on the "Edit Camera" button.

The box below should appear.

For each individual camera, you can turn On/Off notifications. If you have your notifications for a certain camera turned off, you won't be getting motion alerts for that camera. Keep in mind that the camera will still be recording.

2) No Email is Setup to Receive Notifications

Highlight the "My Account" tab, then click on Settings. You can add your email and adjust your notifications there.
Note: If you get lots of events we will not send notifications constantly. We will send notifications only every 10 minutes if you are constantly bombared with events. This is to find a balace to not spam you and make sure spammers don't flag this. In practice you'll not want to get notifications for every event. That first notification will help you identify what's going on.
Note: If you are in the mobile app, you will not get notifications. Mobile push notifications only appear when the app is closed or in the background.

If you're still having trouble getting motion alerts, contact us at

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