Not Getting Recordings?

When you setup your camera with SharpvueCam the whole goal is to get motion detection events. So you should see events in your Timeline. They can either be images or videos depending on your camera's capabilities.

How you setup motion detection events on your camera depends on the model.

  • Foscam/Axis/Sony we can automatically configure  your camera with "Auto Setup". This is where we write settings on your camera during the SharpvueCam add camera wizard to enable motion detection.
  • Other cameras (D-Link, Trendnet, Hikvision, etc.) require you to take action and setup motion detection in the camera's interface. This depends on the model but typically involves 3 steps. See section 3 of the of this guide.

After setting this up on your camera if you are still not getting motion detection events in your Timeline here are some things you can check.

1. You told SharpvueCam to turn off motion detection. You can do that in two places, either with "Turn Cameras Off" or with each camera.

This means you can disable motion detection on an individual camera level as well as use the “Turn Cameras Off” tool to turn it on/off across all cameras simultaneously. This is similar to an alarm’s “arm/disarm” switch, giving you full control over their motion detection. Make sure both settings are On.

2. Check your camera's connectivity. Can you go to the internal IP of the camera without problems?

3. Update the firmware! There is a reason your camera has released new firmware. Bug fixes. So make sure you get the latest and update. A good example of a common issue is with Foscam cameras. You will get motion events but they all fail to play. There was a bug in older Foscam firmware that resulted in corrupted video.

4. If you used Auto Setup with Foscam/Vivotek/Axis/Sony types, try removing your camera from SharpvueCam and adding it again. This resets the settings required for SharpvueCam.

5. SharpvueCam relies on motion events sent from the camera. Every camera has system logs. Does it show motion events recently?

6. Did your IP change recently? Take a look at some essential networking tips. Often DNS is the culprit as it can't resolve to SharpvueCam's servers.

7. Go to the FTP settings on your camera's configuration page. Press the test button. Does it succeed?
8. Did you setup a schedule? Remove the schedule for now. By default no schedule is needed, SharpvueCam will record at all times. Once you have sorted out the problem then you can add your schedule.
9. The good ole reboot. I can't tell you how many times a simple camera reboot cleared out the problem.
10. Factory reset. I hate recommending this but sometimes reseting the camera entirely can clear out the problem. Prepare yourself as you will have to setup the network again.
Go over to the Timeline page to see if any recordings were saved. The timeline will populate any event that happens with a blue bar.  Make sure to wait a couple of minutes after each setting you try as it can take some time to start propagating to the cloud.


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