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What is SharpvueCam?

SharpvueCam is a cloud video monitoring system that allows you to connect your camera online and save your recordings to be stored in the cloud. Our platform supports webcams and a wide variety of IP cameras from brands including Axis Communications, Vivotek, Foscam, Trendnet, Hikvision, Sony, D-Link, Wanscam, Tenxis, and Vivotek.

How do we work with 3rd party cameras?

Use our Compatibility Search Engine - Click Here

Functionality varies depending on the device.

- Webcam Integration - cloud support for Webcams works through a software that has been implemented by SharpvueCam. This software enables your webcam to detect motion, then store that motion event to the cloud. This allows your recordings to be viewable in the Timeline and Clip Manager.

- Premium PnP Integration - cloud & plug and play support is provided for the Premium IP cameras such Axis AVHS and Foscam PnP Cameras. This integration allows for you to setup cameras without port forwarding. This is the most ideal solution and easiest solution for everyone that is not tech savy.

- Premium Integration - cloud support is provided for premium IP cameras such as Foscam, Sony, Vivotek and Axis. For premium cameras, we rely on the camera itself to send us motion events, which can be done through FTP. Our service takes a motion event from the camera, processes it, then stores it in the cloud automatically. With "auto setup", we automatically write settings to the camera to set it up.

- Generic Integration - cloud support is provided for generic IP cameras. For generic cameras, you have to manually go into the camera to enable motion detectionRevisit to allow our service to take a motion event from the camera, processes it, then store it in the cloud.

Note: P2P (Peer to Peer) is the easiest way to add a camera to SharpvueCam since you just need a UDID that's provided by the camera. The downside is that P2P can have increased latency. If you do understand port forwarding, we do recommend that you do that instead.

Cloud Features offered by SharpvueCam:

- Cloud storage for your videos and images
- Scheduling - Create a Schedule for when to turn on/off your motion detection
- Notifications - Receive Motion Detection Alerts
- Motion Detection
- Custom Motion Detection Zone (if your camera supports it)
- Global Motion Detection - Allows you turn on/off motion detection for all cameras
- Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality (if your camera supports it) - As the data streams through the cloud, the Live Stream will usually have a 4 to 6 second delay. This will cause a slight delay for your Pan/Tilt/Zoom functionality.
- A "Live View" interface that allows you to watch your recordings in real time
- Mobile App support for both Android and iOS that allows you to stream recordings from your mobile Mobile connectivity, motion detection, and a live viewing interface.

Here are just a few examples of how customers use SharpvueCam.

1. Home and Pet Monitoring. If you have to leave your pet at home while going to work, you can use SharpvueCam's service to monitor your pet.
2. Monitor your Business. You can use the Live View feature to check-up on your restaurant (or any business) while doing some paperwork in your office.
3. Securely Record Activity in the Cloud. Use the scheduling feature to turn on your IP camera whenever you leave your apartment for work, so that all motion activity is recorded and saved in the cloud. This feature, combined with motion notifications will give you the peace of mind you need while you're away.


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