What is Camera Health Check (CHC)?

Camera Health Check (CHC) is an automated camera test feature that checks to ensure your cameras are online and functioning.

What does CHC do? 

  • When enabled CHC will periodically run a network test on your camera to ensure it can be accessed by SharpvueCam.
  • The test is very similar to the Network Test that's run when you first added your camera to SharpvueCam.
  • If there's a test failure, you will be notified by mobile or email notification, depending on your preference. 
  • The test frequency is 12 hours.
How to enable CHC

CHC is another camera setting like any other and is available from the Edit Camera option or when adding a camera. To enable this feature simply switch the option to "ON" for any camera that you want tested.

If you wish to be notified when a test fails you can simply add CHC to your notification list (along with Motion Detection). By selecting this option a notification will be sent to your mobile app and to the email provided under the My Account -> Settngs -> Notifications.

Failed test and notifications

When a CHC test fails, a notification will be sent by email or to your mobile app. The camera will then be assigned an "Alert" state to indciate there's a failed test. 

The camera can be removed from this state by:

  • A successful CHC test (on the next scheduled test), or
  • A successful manual retest, which can be run by selecting Edit Camera -> Test Connection. 

Once either of these two tests pass, the camera will return to its normal healthy state.

Supported Cameras

The following camera types are supported with this feature: Axis, Foscam, Sony, VIVOTEK, Generic H.264 and Generic MJPEG. 

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