Which Camera Manufacturer's are Supported for SharpvueCam?

So you have probably already have a camera and don't really know if it's compatible with our system..

Use our Compatibility Search Engine - Click Here

Axis and Foscam are two companies that we have worked with directly to ensure the most seamless integration possible.  These two camera manufacturers have been integrated with a Plug and Play (PnP) solution.  The process to add one of these camera types is so easy, you will be able to do it in less than a minute. 

There are several types of cameras we support, some that have a complete automated install on Sharpvue such as Axis, Sony, Foscam, Vivotek, Hanwha (Samsung), Hikvision, and others that require a couple of extra steps to setup (D-Link, Trendnet, webcams etc)

There are 2 main things you are looking for in your camera specifications:

  1. FTP - Camcloud uses the FTP to transmit the video or images. Check that your camera supports FTP of either images or video.
  2. A stream, either RTSP or MJPEG - You can then add a camera in Camcloud that is either Generic H.264 (for an RTSP stream) or Generic MJPEG.
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