About the Live View

What’s the Live View?

Live View allows you to view a live video stream of your cameras from a web browser on your PC, Mac, or your smart phone.

How do I use this page?

  1. First, it’s important to remember you can’t view a live stream if your camera hasn’t been started. For webcams, that means the “Start Camera” button has been selected and a monitor pop-up window has been launched. Read our Camera Quickstart Guide for more details on general camera setup.
  2. Once you’re sure the cameras are running, simply select your camera from the list then click on "Go Live!". You can also click on the drop down menu beside the camera name, and select "Pop-out". You can "Pop-out" as many cameras as you'd like.
  3. You can increase the size of each window by clicking on the "Full Screen" button.
  4. If your camera supports Motion Detection, you can set your motion detection area by selecting the gear icon and clicking on "Motion Detection". Move and resize the box to highlight the area you would like to trigger motion detection, then click on "Set Area". 
  5. If your camera supports Pan/Tilt, you can select it by clicking on the gear icon in the playback menu. You can change the camera’s positioning using the navigation arrows. Click on the "Set Home" button to set the current position of your camera as its default position.
  6. That's it!

Note: Live view has a built in mechanism to automatically stop playback after 10 minutes to avoid accidental usage.

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