How to Enable AVHS in your Axis Camera to Always

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If you already have an Axis Camera and you want to hook up Sharpvue Cloud Services, you will 1st need to enable AVHS to Always.

1. Download Axis IP Utility tool - Download from Axis or from the CD provided in the Axis Camera box.
- Download Link -
2. Connect camera to network by plugging it directly into your network or setting up with wifi through WPS.
3. Open the Axis IP Utility tool and double click the camera. It will open your internet browser and direct you to the camera configuration page.
4. If this is your 1st time logging in, create a password.
5. You will be prompted again to enter the username and password.
6. Click on the setup link at the top right, then Click on basic and the TCP/IP tab.
7. Scroll to the bottom and click AVHS Always, then save.


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