FTP - Setup Example (Hikvision)

Hikvision FTP Setup Example

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Don't follow this guide! Use the automated setup, if your camera is integrated via API Integration on the Compatibility Camera Search Engine.

Only follow this guide if you want to manually setup your camera you can follow this guide.

Let’s show you how to setup a Hikvision Camera with SharpvueCam.

Step #1. Setup the Camera as Generic H.264

First setup the camera on SharpvueCam as a Hikvision. Choose a name for your camera and turn Off "Auto Setup". 

Before you head over to the Hikvision camera interface, make sure you’ve taken note of your FTP Credentials. You can find them on the cameras page here:

Tip: When we we first pop-up the dialogue to enter your FTP Credentials, we say is what you should use, but that doesn’t always work for Hikvision Cameras. If it doesn't you can enter this IP:

Step #2: Hikvision FTP Setup

Now go to the Hikvision Camera Interface and click on the “Configuration” tab, then under “Advanced Configuration” click on “Network”. Now click on the FTP tab.

This is where your FTP credentials are required. Keep in mind that the interface as of now doesn’t allow you to copy and paste the passwords in, so you’ll have to manually enter them both times.

Make sure the “Upload Picture” checkbox at the bottom is checked. Click on “test”, if it’s successful it means that you’ve configured with FTP correctly.

Step #3: Hikvision Interface Event and Storage Configuration

Once again under “Advanced Configuration”, click on “Events”. Make sure your Motion Detection is enabled and that you have a Motion Detection Area selected.

Scroll down, and under Linkage Method make sure “Upload to FTP” is checked. 

The Last Step is to jump over to “Storage”, and click on the Snapshot tab. Scroll down and check on the “Enable Event-Triggered Snapshot” checkbox.

Now you’re ready to use cloud storage with SharpvueCam and your Hikvision camera. Now when there’s motion in front of the camera, you’ll be able to see what kind of motion activity was captured by the device. 

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